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Noonday – Nation wide Trunk Show

Tomorrow, Noonday  Collection is doing something very special – a nation wide trunk show. People all over the country will be gathering for the launch of Noonday’s fall collection.


Unfortunately, (well, fortunately for me!), I am on family vacation so I won’t be hosting or attending a trunk show.  I don’t want to miss out completely, so if you aren’t already attending a trunk show you are officially invited to my:

From the comfort of your living room, hanging in your PJs, with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate, Noonday Viewing Party.

Check out this video, it’s a sneak peek of the fall new items :

Seriously, how great are these pieces, not to mention that little girl!?

If you are an earring person, there are so many fabulous ones this season.

If you are necklace girl, they have everything from simple to ornate. There are just sooooooo many great items!

You are not going to want to miss out.  So, hop on my Noonday Collection Site tomorrow, enjoy browsing from the comfort of your living room and be one of the first people to purchase these amazing pieces.

Why shop Noonday Collection?

1. You will be the most stylish girl on the block in your new fall duds
2. You are supporting our adoption! 20% of all the sales from my site go towards our adoption fund.
3. You are empowering artisans around the world as Noonday pays all their artisans living wages. 

Happy Shopping!


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Prosperous Threads

We have been on the hunt for companies around the world who desire to make an impact. Today we have one to share with you.Best-Prosp-Threads-Logo_3-150x150

We recently discovered Prosperous Threads and have fallen in love with their mission and products! You can imagine how excited we were when the amazing people behind Prosperous Threads wanted to share the inside scope with our readers.

The beginning ~

In an attempt to source more unique fabrics for designers, the ladies at Prosperous Threads decided to look at women around the world who have been hand-dying fabrics for generations.  They immediately fell in love. Not only is this fabric unique and hand designed, it also carries a beautiful story.


The women~

All textiles from Prosperous Threads are hand-dyed and/or woven by strong, selfless women who are working towards something larger than themselves. They are motivated to create a better future for their children. This job means income, nutrition and education. It also provides the women with confidence, hope and prosperity.

The women behind the textiles are incredible! They work SO hard to serve people other than themselves.

The Process ~

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Prosperous Threads in action ~


The process to make their textiles involves hours of dying, weaving, drying, twisting, cinching, etc. which is why these textiles look so unlike what we are used to seeing these days – they were all crafted carefully by hand.

The Vision ~

Prosperous Threads shared their vision with us, and we couldn’t word it any better! Here’s a snippet of the heart behind Prosperous Threads:

“We hope that all of us, as consumers, exercise the power we have! With every purchase we make – whether it’s our morning latte, bottle of water, or new blouse – we are voting with our dollars. This is our opportunity to really ‘be the change’ we want to see across any industry.”

The Result ~

Prosperous Threads brings textiles to U.S. based designers, to incorporate into their collections.  A cultural fusion takes place when a designer transforms the hand-created fabric into a garment or accessory relevant to the Western world. Here are a few pictures of their latest collaboration with Branch Clothing, another great company making positive impacts. Head over to their site to see the full collection.

Prosperous ThreadsSweatshirt

Prosperous ThreadsShorts



Spread the word. Use your purchasing power to change the world!


Looking for more companies to support with your purchases? Don’t miss a post, sign up below ~

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Mother’s Day, Gifts that give

Mother’s day is right around the corner. We all know that being a mother is the world’s hardest job and this video proves it!

Treat that amazing women in your life to gift that gives back.  Here is our Mother’s day shopping guide ~

Mother's Day WOW! There are so many great products and great causes to support through our purchases.

The products above are just the tip of the ice burg, check out these websites below for more gifts with impact!

1) Noonday CollectionLines and Stripes Bag $142- Noonday Collection pays their artisans living wages and supports adoptions through their trunk shows.

2.) Given Goods Co. – You are Beautiful print $30  – All products found on Given Goods Co. give back to make tangible social impacts.

3.) World Wildlife Fund – Really cute reusable bags – These bags are made of recycled material and can be yours for making a $50 donation to WWF.

4.) Far & Wide CollectiveYellow and Pink Basket $145- Far and Wide Collective uses fair trade principles to help connect artisans to international markets.

5.) Story CompanyYoga Bag $40 – Providing sustained employment to artisans in India

6.) Raven & Lily – Sweet Bangle Set $22 – Empowering marginalized women in India

7.) Sseko  – T-strap sandals $74 –  Provides employment to women to help them fund their college educations

8.) JOYNTable runner  $42  – Provides

9.) Krochet KidsLove Tee $22 – Empowers people to rise above poverty by providing holistic economic development programs.

What if your mother truly doesn’t need anything? Check out these options:

1.) Give the gift of helping another become a mother in the midst of war and disaster. Check out the International Rescue Committee – Safe Delivery Kit


2.) Support local economies by giving your wife or mother a massage, pedicure, or spa day. She totally deserves it (please refer to video above if you are in doubt)!

Happy Giving!





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The IMPACTS – Give with Impact!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I last posted and since the Give with Impact Sale!!

I had planned to write this post sooner but I was in Arizona for two weeks for my little sister’s wedding (you can read about her bridal shower here and I will post about the wedding soon). While I was gone I didn’t do a thing but family bonding and wedding details!  I am home now and getting back into the swing of things, so here we go.

Give with Impact was a huge success!

I am so humbled, thrilled and honored to have been a part of the event.  It was truly amazing how God blessed the day and how many people came together to make it possible.  A few thank you’s are in order.

~ Thank you so much to my wonderful friends who helped with the event ,you are such amazing women! Thank you for your time, energy, enthusiasm and prayers. I love you ladies.

IMG_0990 image-17 image-15

photo 2-1

~ Thank you to all the organizations who participated – African Soles, Creative Women of the World, 31 Bits, Noonday Collection, Equal Exchange,  Sak Saum and Hlanganani

We loved getting to know your products and being a part of your impacts!

~ Thank you to the Sheridan community, you showed so much interest and support.

Over the weekend our community made huge impacts world-wide. After following up with the organizations who sent products the thing that inspired and moved me the most was how much of the money was being directed towards different types of education and trainings.  In one way or another each organization used  portions of what would typically be profits to enrich communities mainly through education.  The money that was spent during Give with Impact is truly empowering people to improve their realities! That is so exciting, that is the stuff that impacts the world for good!  As Nelson Mandela said –


 Some specific impacts from the weekend include:

  • Through African Soles one woman will receive 1/3 of the funding she needs to start her own business. Whoop,Whoop!

  • Through Creative Women of the World, 12 Women in Haiti, Tajikistan, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Kenya will be offered a day of business training or mentoring!! Can I get an AMEN to that?! Unbelievable!

  • Thanks to 31 Bits women in Uganda in will have access to counseling, health education, finance training, and business mentorships. YESSSSSS!

  • Out of their proceeds Sak Saum offers the women in their program English, sewing, life skills and business administration classes.  New opportunities!!

  • Hlanganani will add resources to their programs that offer love, support, and therapy for men, women, children, the elderly, sick, prisoners, school children, and mentally and physically disabled children and specifically put monies toward revamping the kitchen where the feed all the handicap kids in their program! Such inspiring work.

  • Through Noonday Collection and Equal Exchange – $265 was raised to support a local family who is adopting. We can’t wait to meet  you Jeffrey!

Nicely done Sheridan!!!! Way to have an impact!

I don’t know about you but I feel a lot better after reading that than I do after leaving Walmart or the mall.  :0 ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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What She Wore Wednesday – Give with IMPACT

For today’s What She Wore Wednesday post I have the honor of featuring my dear friend Katie Medill. Talk about having an IMPACT,  Katie not only works all day imparting love, knowledge and wisdom to 7th graders, she does it while looking amazing and positively impacting the world with her fashion choices! She was kind enough to let me sneak into her classroom and get a few shots of her in action.

teachingDoesn’t this photo completely capture Katie’s impact?


Grading papers never looked so good!  Katie’s watch not only looks good but also helps set people free from slavery and empowers them for a different future! Purchasing this watch (or any other product) from Sak Saum enables them to fulfill their mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, transforming, and vulnerable and exploited men and women.


Katie’s bracelet and necklace are handmade by women in Uganda working for 31Bits.  31Bits is an innovative business that is employing and providing educational opportunities for women in Uganda. You can read more about them here.

All of these products and more will be available at the Give with IMPACT Holiday Gift Market. See you there!Give with Impact2

I have the best friends ever. Working on the Give with IMPACT Gift Market has been such a great reminder of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing, inspiring, passionate woman. Thank you, Katie, for all the impacts your are making!

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Also, check out the other What I Wore Wednesday’s over at The Pleated Poppy!

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