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Gratitude is the attitude

Gratitude is the attitude that I want to have more and more and more of!

It seems like idea of increasing and showing thankfulness through journals and trees and posts and tweets has become really trendy in the last few years, which I think is great, because, honestly, I can’t think of a better TREND.

So, yes I am jumping on the Thankful bandwagon and sharing some of my ideas on how to add a little more gratitude to my days!. It is Thanksgiving season after all (even though my Pandora station may imply that I already think it is another season…falalalalalalalala)

Anyway, a little more thankfulness, yes please, sign me up. Which is exactly what I did, I signed up for the Gratitude Challenge:

21DayChallengeI have no idea what the challenge will be like, but I figure anything and everything that encourages the attitude of gratitude is a good thing.  According to the website “the Gratitude Challenge will be geared to make us tune in to all the ways in which we constantly receive.”  Oh, how I have been given so much and can sometimes be so oblivious to these many many gifts.  Getting in tune sounds like just what I need. What about you?

Want to join me? Click here to sign up.

Not up for a 21 day challenge? No worries, check out these super cute and free printables to add a touch of Thankfulness to your home:

Blessing Card

A fun way to count your blessings from HelloBee

Thankful banner

A Thankful Banner form Shanty 2 Chic

Or this freebie from A Bird and A Bean printed several of these off at Walgreens and have given them with cards etc. and have a large one hanging on my fridge: givethanks

Here’s to a great week and a season full of Gratitude!


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Just a super quick post tell you about how TREATING went…

It was awesome!



The balloons were the perfect craft for this crew.


I think everyone had a total blast!


IMG_4621 A definite repeat! The pictures don’t do it justice. Sorry! I forgot my good camera and the lighting was weird, but you can get the idea!


Happy Halloween! Hope yours is full of TREATS!!



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Britta’s Shower – The Bought Beautifully Details

The time has come for the final post on Britta’s shower and the last opportunity to sign up to win this awesome Chevron Table runner and Delicious Craft Coffee

Free Gift!

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It was so special to be a part of  planning Britta’s shower.  I especially loved the challenge of looking at all the details of the shower and trying to find different ways to make them all a little more Bought Beautiful :). The main ways we did this were:

  • Using almost all re-usable or recycled decor (Less waste)!  See the pics here.

  • Using fair trade, organic and/or local ingredients in the recipes whenever possible. Read about them here and here.

  • Creating a purposeful registry.  Read more about her registry here.

The final bullet point is the key piece that truly made this a Bought Beautifully shower. Britta was committed to seeking out products that had some sort of positive impact.  Here are the guidelines she used when creating here registry:

1. The workers who created the product were paid a fair wage.

2. The origin of the product is known.

3. The item is bought from an organization that is doing meaningful work.

4. The product is eco-friendly.

Her desire to find amazing meaningful item was so inspiring and encouraging! So to wrap things up I just wanted to show off some of the items that Britta received and highlight some of the organizations that they came from:

Pitcher from SerrvPitcher from Serrv

GiftsVintage canisters from  White bowl and serving platter from School House Electric.

PillowsBeautiful Chevron Pillows from Story Company

Made in America A Breakfast Basket Made in America

My older sister totally out did herself on this gift! She started by looking for unique products that were made in America and ended up creating an entire basket of goodies around the theme of Breakfast in America (all items were made in America – mugs, cutting board, scone mix, coffee, tea, mixing bowl). SOOOO CUTE!

PyrexPyrex Storage containers – Made in America!

Organic Free Trade Cotton Pillow Cases, Fair Trade Cotton  from Faceplant Dreams

More great products Pitcher from Sundance. Wood cutting board from Viva Terra Bookends from Serrv.

Lovely things, right? You can click on Britta’s pinterest board below for a complete look at all the items on her registry.

ALSO, if love the idea of buying products like these, stay tuned in the following weeks for details on the opening of the Consumers in Christ Marketplace!!!!   After months and months of hard work we will be opening for business soon…eeeeeeeh!! So excited!!! Can’t wait to share it with you all!  You can click on the link  to check it out, but keep in mind that the site is still under construction but will be ready very soon… :)

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

– emily

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Britta’s Shower – Thirsty Anyone?

One of my  favorite parts about Britta’s shower, besides the decor and togetherness which I shared about here, was the food and drinks! The menu ended up being perfect: delicious, easy and not too stressful to prepare.  I highlighted a few of the recipes and ingredients in earlier posts – Spinach Goat Cheese Salad, Caramel Sauce, if you are interested in trying something out.

However, everyone knows the secret ingredient to the perfect shower menu is, of course, the drinks!

Craft CoffeeWe were so lucky to have connections in high places as we were searching for the perfect coffee to serve with dessert.  Our cousin Lili connected us with Craft Coffee as she knew they were featuring a coffee that would fit in perfectly with the Bought Beautifully Shower Theme.  *Lili was unable to attend the shower :( but her presence was felt as the aroma of coffee drifted through the air :).

Craft Coffee is a unique company that offers monthly coffee subscriptions, delivering different high quality coffee roasts to your doorstep! We were able to sample Mountain Air Coffee, a delicious direct trade coffee.  Click here to read more about direct trade and how and why it is another good choice when buying coffee. Here are some of the other details on the coffee:

Mountain Air Roasting

Craft Coffee sounds pretty wonderful, right? Well, we have two ways for you try them out for yourself…

We want to say a special thank you to Nate and everyone at Craft Coffee for letting us sample this amazing coffee. We loved it!

We thought you might also, so Craft Coffee is generously giving our blog readers a special discount:

All Bought Beautifully readers can receive 10% off anything on the Craft Coffee website!!! Enter this coupon code: BOUGHTBEAUTIFUL

What a great deal. If everything on their site is as good as Mountain Air Coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

However, if you are like me and like to sample things before you commit to buying them, you can enter to win a sample of Craft Coffee – Mountain Air Roasting – and this beautiful Chevron table runner from the shower:

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Again, another special thanks to Brooke Photography for sharing her wonderful photos with us!

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Britta’s Shower – The Decor

WOW! What a past few weeks. Family fun, busyness, and travel combined with soaking up the last few days of summer has resulted in this post being long over due. Sorry about that!  Needless to say, Britta’s shower was absolutely amazing!  The best part by far was celebrating my littlest sister and this new phase of life she is entering with a wonderful group of women who have known her and loved her for many years!  The decorating, planning, and time spent putting everything together with my sisters, mom, and friends was pretty special too!  This will be a two-part series with today’s post featuring the decor and tomorrow’s post featuring some of the small details that made this a “BoughtBeautifully” shower :)

So, without further ado here we go pictures from BRITTA’S SHOWER!  And don’t miss your chance to win a beautiful chevron table runner at the end of the post!)

Welcome Bike My mom and her dear friends, Sharon and Linda, are the Queens of Garage Sale Challenges and the best DIY-ers I know.  A few months ago they decided to put their talents and collection of amazing  garage sale, estate sale and “free on the side of the road finds” together to create a little business –  One Hundred Chairs Vintage Rentals.  Thanks to them we had countless resources available to use for the shower (like the adorable bike above and pretty much everything you see below!).


Drink Station

IMG_1215 Sparkle H2O


The tables

Table Bride Table 2



Dishes Toppings Caramel

 Present Time~


I just had to include this picture as it gives a little glimpse of the behind the scenes preparing for the shower; naked babies, kids dancing on tables, women chatting and giggling and lots of LOVE!!

Stay tuned for our next post which will highlight Britta’s registry and the other shower details.

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Join us:Delivered by FeedBurner Also, a special thanks to Brooke Photography for photographing the party and sharing her pictures with us. It was so fun having you at the shower!

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Made in America – Children’s products

The next post in our “Made in America” series focuses on companies that make products for our precious little children. It seems like buying/acquiring things for our children is inevitable as they grow and change so fast and are involved in so many activities.  The good news is there are a surprising number of ways to come about these products in a beautiful way.

One additional reason it is nice to seek out products for our children that were made in America is because these products are subject to more stringent safety standards and testing. Which should mean no/or less BPA, other poisons and toxins.

Today, I will share a few companies that are making awesome products right here in the United States. YAY! The added bonus is that all of these companies  have additional virtues such as being “green” and policies on “giving back” which makes them even better  organizations to support.

1.) Bed Head Pajama’s – Sells really cute PJ’s that are locally cut and sewn. In addition, Bed Head works closely with a local community program, Esperanza, to provide jobs and other types of support.



2.) Earth Creations – Earth Creations makes eco-friendly clothing in a way that  positively impact the lives of everyone involved in their production process. The have adorable products for kids of all ages that are “eco-friendly”. They didn’t specify how on their site but they also claim to “give back to our community in meaningful ways, helping out good causes and supporting environmental efforts.”



3.) Wild Dill – Not everything on this site is Made in America, but they have a great search mechanism so you can find the products that are for each category.  The have a  great selection of children’s products that are made in America and the products aren’t made in America are organic, fair trade, and/or recycled (so they have re-deeming qualities as well).

Wild Dill

Wild Dill

4.) Rockin’ Baby – This could quite possibly be the perfect baby shower gift. These baby slings and carriers are bright, fun, functional, and made in America!  BUT their impact extends our country’s boarders, for every sling you buy one is giving to a mother in Haiti.



5.) Green Toys – Green Toys are made in America and are super eco-friendly.  Not only are the products made from mostly recycled milk bottles but all their packaging is made from recycled materials. And they have so many great options to choose from! My son has the cooking set and he loves it.  We also use their sippy-cups and plates and they are some of the best we have tried!



Well, hopefully, you have found a new company or product that you might enjoy supporting. Check out this post to read about more why buying Made in America is such a good thing!

Have a great Monday.


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Bought Beautifully Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Looking to buy a present for dad, but don’t want just any old gift? Check out our Father’s day shopping guide.

I know I should have posted this a week ago, but I am assuming that there are plenty of other mothers and daughters like me, who are just now realizing that father’s day is this SUNDAY!!! YES, 5 days away!  So, if you haven’t bought a gift yet, don’t hesitate another moment, check out our shopping guide below to find unique ideas from companies that are Bought.Beautifully approved (the bolded and italicized words tell you why we approve)!

For the classic American Man –

Bought Beautifully Father's day set
Shirt by Ernest Alexander , $138 – Made in America – Read here to find out why we l♥ve Made in America
Messenger Bag by Ernest Alexander  $595 – Made in America
Shoes by SoleRebels $75 – Fair Trade, Sustainable, All around awesome, read here to find out more.

For those of us on a little more of a budget here are some casual ideas –

Long sleeve ho0die by Clean Spirited $29 – Eco-friendly, Gives back
T-shirt by Bamboosa, $24 – Made in America, Green/Eco-friendly
Shoes by SoleRebels $75- Fair Trade, Sustainable, All around awesome, read here to find out more.

Is your guy in need of some accessories? Check out  these funky finds that have positive impacts-

Bought Beautifully Father's day accessories
Bowtie by KrochetKids, $21.95 – Fair Trade, Women’s Empowerment, Education
Silk Ties by Somaly Mam, $40 – Ending Human Trafficking, Provides Rescue, Recovery, and Empowerment
Watch by Clean Spirited, $139, Eco-friendly, Gives back
Are you worried your purchase won’t get in on time? Me too! My strategy this year is to make the  Father’s day celebration last a few days longer.  I’ll treat him to a special day on Sunday, a manly breakfast, some outdoor guy time doing whatever he wants and then surprise him during the week with his gift that has a positive impact!
I hope that you one of these items is just what the father in your life needs.  And if you already have your shopping done (I am so proud of you!!), hopefully you found a new company or organization that you are excited about supporting in the future :).
Happy Tuesday to you!


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