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Friday Favorites, Fair Trade (and beyond!!)

Favorite Fall Footwear:  Teysha Boots. Wow! Hand made, high quality, fair wages meets high fashion = love!!! The best part is you can design your own.



Favorite creation: Amazima’s new earrings. Great Earrings, great story.


Favorite (almost) release: Glorify Apparel’s behind the scenes glimpse into the new FALL line


 Favorite warm drink: Celestial Teas new organic and Fair Trade certified teas – YUMMMMM! Unfortunately, these are only available at Whole Foods, but if you live near one, get yours soon.


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Friday Favorites – Fall!

The seasons are changing, we are loving all things roasted, toasted, and cozy! Here are some of our fall favorites on this lovely Friday!

beet galette






Looking for a way to use all that garden/farmer’s market produce?  I will be making this recipe over the weekend.



We love chai no matter the season, but it is ESPECIALLY good when there is a chill in the air.

It gets even BETTER when you make it yourself! :)

You can try the recipe here.

With the approach of fall, we also get NEW and beautiful things from 31 Bits, Krochet Kids and Glorify Apparel!

  10624936_758093207559121_1026312835691389396_n     c602d96bc5b78d804db992ca77c37227      s7_82a84669-a409-4247-a576-5f19759453ca

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Favorites – Family, Freebies, and Dreams

Happy Friday! It’s time to share a few of my favorite things.View More:

Family –

Last weekend I went home for my sister’s bridal shower. I some times can’t get over how lucky I am – I truly have the best family (on both sides and extended family)! It was so special to be home with my sisters, parents, and friends celebrating this exciting time.


View More:

With my sisters all being in such different and busy seasons in our lives, not to mention different states, these moments together are truly precious.


View More:

We made this adorable SPARKLE print to use during the shower. I had been wanting to make one for Storie’s bedroom and the shower gave us a reason to do it! It is too cute not to share, so you can print your copy here, add a little Sparkle to it (glue and glitter, baby) and a little Sparkle to your life!

Dreams –View More:

One of the best parts about my family is my mom.  She is a special lady.  She spent the last 30 years of her life being a mom.  AND what a mom she was; kind, caring, SELFLESS, generous, humble, and FUN, (geesh is she fun – every time I am with her I am reminded that I need to laugh more).  She held nothing back,  was our biggest supporter, always there for us, giving her all to make our lives wonderful. As we got older and moved out of the house, my mom started having more time on her hands and pursuing her interests – I actually remember thinking WHAT?  Mom has her own interests, talents, skills that don’t involve us?).  Well, she certainly does, and she was brave enough to try a few different things until she found the right fit. Last year she opened a business with one of her dear friends, One Hundred Chairs Vintage Rentals. If you need a little inspiration for a gathering you are having or live in AZ and would like to rent a few pieces check them out!



   View More: View More: View More:

 The pictures I have of the shower are just a snippet of what these two amazing women are capable of!

 View More: View More:   View More:

Mom, it has been so inspiring watching you make your dreams a reality!!!

View More:

What are you dreaming about ?

I’ll share about one of my biggest dreams next week. Stay tuned.

Also, I want to say a special thanks to Carrie Zimmer Photography for capturing Natalie’s special day and sharing the pictures in this post with us. You are so talented, Carrie.

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Friday Favorites – The Soul of Money

I just finished reading a great book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist, that a good friend of mine recommended it to me a long time ago (#finallymakingprogressonthepileofbooksbymybed) Lynne articulates many thoughts and feelings that I have had regarding money and finances.

However we choose, we express ourselves in the way we send our money into the world, and with every dollar goes the energy, the imprimatur of our intention.  – Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources

As I was reading, people kept popping into my mind – “oh they would like this” or “I should share this with (insert your name here)”,  it was happening so often, I  realized that I should share it with all of YOU!  If you are reading this blog, I think it is safe to assume that you, like me, are probably searching for little ways to make positive impacts, to live and spend with a more purpose and direction…But, like me, you  find that it is easy to get discouraged and distracted, to get lost in the sea of stuff, the new trends, the latest thing, the busy life, that you can lose your focus and the conviction that your choices do matter. This book is a great reminder that they matter on so many levels.


What I like about this book is that it doesn’t only focus on how your financial choices matter for others (workers, companies, environment) but rather how they impact your own life; that shifting our perspective about how we see money from a limited commodity to a flowing asset that can be directed to support, create and/or sustain the things we love and our passionate about can radically change our lives for the better!

P.S. You don’t even have to read the entire book, the first three chapters would be enough to re-motivate you ;)

Since, it’s Friday, we should probably have a dance party!  We have had some bumps in the road in the adoption process and this video is what helps us keeps our heads up and our hearts boogieing…

Enjoy and Happy Friday.



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Friday favorites

Happy Friday! Here are a few of our favorite things from the last two weeks.

To Experience:

The miracle of caterpillar life:Butterflies You can get your own Butterfly kit on amazon.  They come in the mail as caterpillars so you can watch the caterpillar-butterfly life-cycle first hand. H loved it, and it was a great reminder of how amazing our world is!!

To Eat:BJ_PHish_Food

Should I be embarrassed that we have ice cream most nights in the summer? :/  It’s easy to do when you live right across the bridge from the local ice cream shop!  When we aren’t supporting the local guys, we are happily to putting our money behind Ben and Jerry’s (and even more happily stuffing our faces with PhishFood!!!!) as they have a committed to sourcing all the ingredients from Fair Trade Certified Sources! They are a little bit more expensive than the other brands but if I am lucky enough to eat ice cream weekly, let alone nightly, I can certainly afford to pay more to support them for standing up for what I believe in; freedom, fair wages, social justice, environmental responsibility!

To listen to:

All Sons and Daughters – You Remain

To Read :

Looking for a great summer read?  My book club just finished reading These is my Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 (P.S.)  Everyone loved it! Don’t let the title fool you (it totally turned me off!) the book will draw you in and you will fall in love with the main character; a strong, smart, capable, kind women – so refreshing!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Friday Favorites

TGIF!!!  We are ending the week by sharing a few of our favorite things~

To read –

While They Are Sleeping: 12 Character Traits to Pray for the Children You Love  A friend gave us this book and I love it. It has been a great guide to get me thinking about how to model, teach, instill and pray for certain character traits in my children.  It is probably better suited for older kids as some of the activities it suggests require a little more attention and cognitive processing than my kiddos currently possess but you can adapt some of the activities and store the rest away for future use.

To clean –

The Lush body buffy bar = seriously LUSH-IOUS!  This is just what a busy woman needs to shave a few minutes off her morning routine; it cleans, exfoliates,  moisturizes and makes your skin feel lovely.  A Lush is a great company to support, it is fair trade, uses all natural ingredients and they stand up for what they believe in.


To eat –

It is such a treat to be out of the kitchen and in the fresh air, I am loving any and everything grilled. These grilled veggies are amazing!! I never follow the recipe exactly but it is a perfect base to start with.



We can’t get enough of being outside, enjoying  the warm weather the fruits, flowers and foods of summer!

SummerFUnWhat are some your favorite things? Share them with us!

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