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What She Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and time to share some Bought.Beautifully style! To expand our style horizons I convinced my little sister Britt to participate and share with us what she is wearing today.  And let me just say it looks good!  But the best part is that her outfit does good too! Sounds like the perfect way to start the day, looking good and doing good!

Britt wearing Noonday necklace

Britt wearing Noonday necklace

Britt’s fabulous red necklace come’s from NoonDay Collection. It was made in Uganda by a beautiful woman named Coral.  By supporting NoonDay Collection Britt is doing so much more than buying cute jewelry, she is helping to employ and empower women in Uganda and providing for Orphans is various ways, read more about all the NoonDay does here.

In addition, Britt is also supporting a different kind of economy by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. You may be asking how and why does garage saling and thrift store shopping glorify God (since that is what we are all about at Bought Beautifully).  Let me explain, by spending less money on buying new things Britt can put more money towards causes that are close to her heart supporting God’s kingdom.  Shopping at thrift stores and garage sales also lessens your environmental impact by not using new resources to create a new product. So here is Britt making being a good steward look good! She found her cute oxford shoes at a local Thrift Store and her gorgeous vintage shirt at an estate sale! Which is too bad because I want one. But I guess that gives us  one more reason to go to Estate Sales – your outfits will be original!


Thanks so much for sharing your awesome style with us today, Britt! We L♥VED it!

And thanks to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy for organizing the fun What I Wore Wednesdays!! Head over there to see more What I Wore Wednesdays.

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What I Wore Wednesday

Ummmm, can you say AWKWARD? I can.  Sorry these pictures are a little awkward, this is not my thing.  BUT I figured what an awesome way to share the blog and more importantly some great products that are making positive impacts! (Just a word of warning to my friends – I might start chasing you down on Wednesdays to take your picture instead of mine!)

Cute outfit featuring Noonday & AfricanSoles

Anyway, here is a shot of what I wore today.  Pretty cute, huh? BUT what really sets this outfit apart are two things:

The necklace from Noonday Collection and The Shoes from AfricanSoles.

What makes these two items so spectacular is that what I know about them.  I know a little about the person who created them and the working conditions that they were created in and, even more exciting, is knowing that by purchasing these items I’m supporting two great organizations and two beautiful women!  And that is something really special and makes me love these items even more! So let me show you a little more about these products.  The necklace, Mediterranean Sea Necklace from Noonday Collection, made by Prem:

NoondayCollection necklace
And my lovely sandals are called, Florentine’s Wish, and were made by…Florentine, of course! She lives in Uganda, is single mother of 5 kids, and her wish is to buy a sewing machine and own a tailoring shop someday! YAY, for Florentine, I am hoping and praying your wish comes true.  You make wonderful sandals and I am sure you will make an amazing tailor!  If you want to read more about these sandals and AfricanSoles read this post.
Florentine's Wish sandals

Florentine’s Wish sandals

What did you wear today? Any special pieces that mean something to you or someone else? Share with me in the comments!  Happy Wednesday! And check all the What I wore Wednesday posts over at The Pleated Poppy:
pleated poppy

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Do you have the time?

I DO!!! AND I would love it if you asked me so I could show off my new watch from Sak Saum!  Isn’t it awesome?

Leather wrap watch from Sam Saum

I had been wanting a wrap watch for some time and had been eying these beauties but they were all expensive and didn’t align with our shopping values.

So I put my watch longings on hold…until I saw these on Sak Saum and fell in love and not just with the watch but with the fact that by purchasing one of these watches I was doing so much more than putting money is a large corporation’s pocket.

She's worth it, leather wrap watch from Sak Saum

I am supporting an organization who is doing beautiful, life changing work, rehabilitating women and fighting against human trafficking.  Yessssssss! I love supporting that type of work!  Every time I look at my watch I smile and say a little prayer for the women who made it.  And my heart feels happy and if feels as if I get to be a part of something bigger than myself; something good and something special!

Do you have a product from Sak Saum that makes you feel like this every time you wear it? We want to see it! So, take a picture of yourself or the item and upload it below so we can all share in the beauty! Just click on the blue link below, click here to enter, and upload your pic!!! If you don’t have a blog you would like to share, when it asks for website, you can just enter this site.  I can’t wait to see all the beauty that is out there!

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Shoes for the soul

I just got a Birthday present in the mail!!! Yay!  And yes, I am still celebrating in March (my Birthday is in January) but I see no reason why I can’t celebrate for 3 months :) Everyday is a gift worth celebrating right? I highly recommend extending your Birthday to birth-month or months, especially if you live in a cold Northern climate.  We really need something to celebrate when it is March and 18 degrees out, like it is here today! This little gift was the perfect thing to cheer up my cold weather blues.  I’m not crazy enough to wear them outside yet, I have been wearing them around the house and it already feels a little warmer in here!

So, these little beauties come from Africa Soles. An awesome organization that “empowers refugee widows and orphans” in Uganda.  They say they are “fashion with a mission” and I couldn’t agree more.  These shoes are super stylish and it feels so good wearing them knowing by purchasing them we get to play an important role in providing a livelihood for a woman. So far, I am super impressed with the quality and can’t wait for a change in the weather so I can wear them outside for the rest of the world to see!


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