About Us

Hello and WELCOME to Bought Beautifully!!!

Thanks for stopping by, we are thrilled to share our blog with you. Bought.Beautifully is a blog that celebrates the beautiful things in the life, from products to people and all the stories in between. Our ultimate goal is to encourage people to engage in a different kind of economy, a Christ Centered Economy.  This type of economy is something truly beautiful; an economy where people receive fair wages and work in conditions that enable them to develop their artistic spirit, individuality, and creativity, one that allows them to have more control over their livelihoods, and ultimately results in material and spiritual growth.

We believe that by actively choosing how and where we spend our money we can help create this type of world.  Shopping can be a spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:1) and Bought Beautifully is one way that we are working to share this message.

We hope you feel inspired, loved, and encouraged to beautifully impact the world.


Hi! I’m Emily, I’m the main woman behind Bought Beautifully BUT honestly this wouldn’t be possible without the help, support, and love of my wonderful family and friends.  Thank you!

I am a pretty normal girl.  I love to hike, run, garden, play outside, spend time with friends and family. I love pretty things, old things and refurbished things.  I am passionate about God, justice, and finding  joy and meaning in the everyday. I am a mama to 3 (I have yet to hold one in my arms but will someday soon). I am a wife (to a really handsome, kind, outdoorsy guy). Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are few pics that sum up my life:

IMG_2771        IMG_2828  Little lady

IMG_5991This last picture represents, God! For me there is just no way that I could tell you about myself and about Bought Beautifully without including my awesome God!  He has loved us and blessed us beyond measure. Bought Beautifully is one way that we are responding to His grace and goodness. It is one piece of the call we have felt to use everything He has given us (specifically our money) to give him Glory and share his love. We hope to use this blog to help support the non-profit we are creating, Consumers in Christ.


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