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Thankful Tables…all around!

We are kicking off our Thankful Table series today with a loop of inspiring posts! Read below to see how we are cultivating a Thankful Table and then head over to meet  Teresa, Amy and Molly and be inspired by their Beautiful and Thankful Tables.

A Connected Table

Tis’ the season:

To gather with friends and family,

To celebrate all we have to be thankful for,

To break bread in community.

Ethical Tablescape

This year, as we take part in these common yet wonderful traditions, our family is striving to bring a new perspective to the table. We are working to better understand, acknowledge, and celebrate our connection to others around the world.

Ethical table settings

As we say grace, we are praying with a new perspective. Not just for our friends and family, but for people we may never meet – our brothers and sisters around the globe.

They are makers, growers, artists – each a real person giving a real story to every product.

We are connected to them, not only by the God who created us, but also by a global economy. With dignified employment through ministries around the world, their creative hearts and hands are able to provide an array of products to bless our tables AND homes- from clothing and food, to toys, jewelry, home goods and more.

We want to welcome these makers not only into our lives but into our hearts.

We want to celebrate, acknowledge and be thankful for them as our Thanksgiving tables would not be nearly as beautiful, nor our lives as full without them.


So, this Thanksgiving we are:

Thanking God for the gifts that He has provided through the generous and talented hands of others.

We are thanking God for people like Helen, who works with Bought Beautifully’s vendor partner Badala, to create beautiful products like the Kuni bowl pictured above.

Helen from Badala

Helen’s work with Badala not only allows us to enjoy her beautiful products, but also allows her to work a dignified job that pays fair wages for her labors, giving her a fair opportunity to provide for her family, and rise out of poverty.

This Thanksgiving, we are raising our glasses and our thanks to Helen and all the artists, craftsmen and workers who make important contributions to our lives! <3 <3 <3

















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A Thankful Table

Over the next few weeks, Bought Beautifully will be partnering with different people on various platforms (Facebook, InstaGram, Blogs) for a “Thankful Table” series. Our hope for this series is to share ideas and inspiration to encourage thankfulness this holiday season.  We are thrilled to have you follow along!

Today, we have the privilege of hearing from Theresa Miller.

Living Out of the Box Around a Thankful Table

One neatly wrapped box awaited to be opened, to be seen, to be marveled at what could not fit in that box.

around the tree

Six young, anxious sleeply-eyed girls scurried to the tree one Christmas morning on Goodrich Street. There were wrapped presents scattered under the stubby asymmetrical tree, but tearing through those presents wouldn’t be the memory imprinted for years to come. It would be that one small, neatly wrapped box with the slit cut through the top that would imprint its mark into one child’s mind.

The family surrounded that box, child anxious on her knees, as they enthusiastically removed the top, like a jack in the box, labeled, “My Gift to Jesus.” They each received and read their own slip of paper and remembered their gift to Jesus written the previous year and witnessed in their hearts how God had responded out-of-the-box in the messiness of real life. They then closed the box and parents and children wrote down a new offering–something from their heart in response to what God had given–and folded that offering three or four times before slipping it through the slit again.

There was just something special about recording what was significant to a particular time and capturing it for a lifetime. There was something about witnessing what was good and promising in the midst of life unraveling; God’s faithfulness through it.

Recording thoughts

Those little girls wouldn’t sit around that gift-box in front of their family tree in the years to come. Instead they would witness life’s heartaches and brokenness in their young lives. They would feel a family divided and a new land open wide across their own. But they would continue to offer their gifts outside of that box and would continue to see God.

They would see restoration, redemption and hope.

Across the sea, in Haiti, a man or woman crafts a journal. They don’t have the luxuries that we know here in America. Children will carry water and walk a long road to school only because of a chance they’ve been given, not simply “a given.”


They work ferociously with their hands and feel abundance in their hearts.

The hands that made this journal have also known heartache and brokenness. The hands that made this journal have been rescued from poverty and dependency and are now able to provide for their family with dignity.

Haitian Journal

The journal tells a powerful story of restoration and hope.

Those six girls hovering around that gift box in front of a tree on Goodrich Street grew up and expanded their family to over forty members when they gather for a holiday, including parents, husbands and children.

That family is mine.

The child anxious on her knees, me. I’m still that child on her knees, anxious to see how God is working through stories unfolding.

Across the sea, men and women are giving their children hope for their future. They call themselves 2nd Story Goods because a new story is beginning to emerge in each of their lives.

This Thanksgiving all forty something members of my family–five sisters, husbands, twenty plus children and grandparents will all pile in and gather around my family’s home where we will continue to offer our gifts, this time around a thankful table, writing (and drawing for the littlest ones) in one of those beautifully handcrafted journals from Haiti that tells its own story.

Thankful journal

A story of restoration, redemption and hope.

As I’ve grown, I’ve come to see how all our stories are connected. We are all born into hope, come to know brokenness and are restored back to hope through a Savior who pursues us, rescues us and makes all things new. The hands and feet of Jesus may look a little different in each of our lives, and I wonder if we always recognize them, yet it is the key to a beautiful story unfolding.

Now we have a way to connect to a story of restoration across the globe, to also be the hands and feet of Jesus, and build hope for their future.

So let’s reach around the globe this year and join hearts and hands around a thankful table of believers, as we share our stories and offerings of thanksgiving.

And then witness how God works outside of that neatly wrapped box.

* * *

Theresa is a wife and homeschooling mama of four children.  She is passionate about family, writing, and ministry that encourages women in this generation. Theresa has been published in MOPS International, MOMSnext e-zine and other on-line publications. Theresa authors Heavenly Glimpses blog, where she captures the heart of Christ through glimpses into the life of her children, marriage, and a writer unfolding.

Theresa Miller


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