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How to: Encourage on the Go!

UPwords cards are the perfect way to

encourage someone on the go!

This week, we set off to do just that!


After sharing Sydney’s story with you, we decided to take action! With the help of some beautiful UPwords cards, we stepped out of the office, and into the mission field.

People’s desire for connection, real connection, is so tangible.  The most common phrase I hear from others is, “This is just what I needed!” – Sydney


Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day is a kind word of encouragement — even from a stranger!

I’m excited about how simple, daily encouragement can bring life to people in our daily circles.  That is thrilling! – Sydney


What an incredible feeling it is to write uplifting messages to friends and strangers alike. Go ahead, give it a try!

Nearly every day God blows my mind as I see how He will so simply touch the life of just one person if I make myself available. – Sydney


Don’t be afraid to step out and encourage others. You never know how God will use you.

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UPwords – Encouragement on the Go!

Happy Monday!

The start of a new week means a new vendor intro!

Meet UPwords – your go-to cards for encouragement on the go!

upwords 1

1.) Tell us about the history of your organization? 

The idea for UPwords was sparked 20 years ago when a friend was facing a life crisis and I wanted to encourage him. What started out as little sticky notes on his kitchen cabinet led to the distribution of hundreds of mini cards. It all grew from there!

God has provided places to go and people to be with – gifts of transportation, places to stay and one-on-one experiences with others have been just some of the surprises He has given to me.  Oh, and He was also faithful to provide the funding to start the ecommerce portion of the business last year!

My Mom says it this way, “I don’t have the need for a plane ticket.  I have a need for a big freezer for food.” What she meant is that God gives us what we need to carry out His call.  She needed a freezer to help feed the hungry and God provided. God provided me the necessities to make UPwords a reality to others.  Over and over, I have experienced how He provides what we need as we are on the road of obedience!

2.) What are some of the trials and triumphs you have faced in bringing your organization to where it is today?

Trials never feel good, but I will admit that through them, my vision for UPwords continues to be clarified and solidified.

I hope I’m not being too candid, but here goes. In my 1st year of getting my business off the ground, I was scammed by my web designer & product designer.  To add to that disappointment, I lost quite a bit of money by participating in a trade show that was hugely misrepresented.

BUT God promises that in all things we are more than conquerors through Him. My dependency on the Lord grew, and many opportunities with others were birthed during this difficult time. I now get to work with a fabulous web designer (Cathy) & graphics designer (Josh).  They have been amazing cheerleaders for UPwords.

3.) How have you seen God provide/move/blow your mind?

Nearly every day God blows my mind as I see how He will so simply touch the life of just one person if I make myself available.

One evening, my friend and I were checking out at the register of Publix.  My friend made a ‘fan’ of the UPwords cards in her hand (about 6 different cards).  She said to the cashier, ‘Pick one. They are different cards of encouragement.’  Angela, the cashier, pulled out the ‘STRENGTH’ card and began to read the scripture on the inside of the card.  I will admit, I was not ready for the response – she began to cry and tell us that we did not know how much she needed this.  There was a line of people behind us, but it was like time stood still because Angela mattered! :)

People’s desire for connection, real connection, is so tangible.  The most common phrase I hear from others is, “This is just what I needed!”

UPwords 2

4.) We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. What are some of your hopes and goals for 2015?

It has been a blast introducing our innovative mini cards to the public, but looking ahead, we have a few more standard greeting card lines, and unique gift ideas in the works!

Many folks have the mindset that greeting cards need to be sent through the mail.  In 1994, we were introduced to another type of greeting card, the e-card.  And today?  I’m excited to present to you a face-to-face experience through giving mini encouragement cards.  You might say UPwords is returning to the grassroots of communication.  :)

My hope is that God would give me the nations for my inheritance. I pray that His word would go throughout all the earth.

Sydney 1

We are excited about God’s ability to use a card of encouragement to impact the world, and the opportunity we have to participate!

Shop UPwords now on Bought Beautifully!

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Marfa’s Artists – Making Art, Giving Hope

This week, we introduced you to Marfa Ministry.

Now, meet the artists who started it all!


Tatyana Molodyk

Tatyana In the 1990’s Tatyana was a computer engineer with no intentions of becoming a pastor, but the General Board of Global Ministries saw a quality in her that gave them a different idea. While at work, she observed a man from America who was in Russia for several weeks, and noticed that he was genuinely happy, and that he prayed everyday.  This was fascinating to her.  When this man left Russia to return to the US he gave her a gift… a Bible.  This was the beginning for Tatyana.  Global Ministries asked her to facilitate the opening of a church. After studying and entering seminary, she became an ordained pastor in 1999.  She served the Saratov church from that time until 2014.

IMG_8637 Tatyana’s art kit includes a pair of scissors, a bottle of white glue and old magazines. She simply snips up advertisement and pictures to make these beautiful collages. If you look closely at her pictures you can see how some of the scraps are reused.



Igor Pak

Igor Pak cropped We met a representative from Igor’s partner church while giving a presentation in Nashville, TN. They approached us about carrying his art.  That decision was easy to make once I saw his work. His painting is beyond description.  All works are one of a kind.  He makes the box or egg, then paints it.  The designs are incredibly detailed.


Igor not only started the church in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but he is also building a new church building, which they hope to have open by December, 2015.  Igor and his sister are staying safe in Ukraine during these tumultuous times.


We are encouraged by the testimonies of these artisans, and are incredibly blessed to play a part in supporting their art!

Want to purchase Marfa’s art?

Shop now on Bought Beautifully.

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Marfa Ministries – Making Art, Restoring Hope

We’re kicking off your week with a vendor intro!

Marfa Ministry is a nonprofit organization designed to help struggling churches of the world become self-sufficient, and we are honored to call them a part of the Bought Beautifully family!

Marfa Ministry began as a result of a relationship my husband and I built with the people at the Saratov United Methodist Church in Russia.

It all began in 2002.  My husband, the band director at the University of North Texas was invited to Saratov, Russia to conduct a professional group, The Volga Band. Knowing that the Methodist Church had a Russian Initiative, our desire to worship in Russia put us in touch with a church only a 15-minute walk from his rehearsals.

My husband was invited back year and after year and we became closer to the pastor and members of the Saratov United Methodist Church. There was a developer in Saratov that wanted to buy the entire block, which included the house where the Methodists worshiped.

All businesses and residents agreed to sell except for Rev. Tatyana Molodyk, pastor of the Methodist Church.  She said, “If I sell to you we would have no place to worship.”  After three years of negotiations, the developer offered to build a church at another location.  Tatyana’s answer – “YES!”

After 2 years of construction, the congregation was ready to complete the interior. However, upon our return to Saratov, NOTHING had changed.  With a small congregation and limited resources, the interior was not getting done. They needed our help.  But what could we do?

There was an art class held in the church.  So we decided to ask the teacher if we could use the artwork to make note cards to sell to raise money for the church.  Her response?  “No, you cannot use that art. It is the property of the person who made it.”  So Tatyana , who had taken the class said, “You can use my picture.”  Thus begins Marfa Ministry. One picture led to another until there were five. Then people asked for Christmas cards, of which there are now seven.

IMG_8608 IMG_8637

Business grew so fast, we felt called to do more. Establishing a true 501(c)(3) was the next order of business. Marfa became a nonprofit in April 2012. Proceeds from the sales of these cards has provided the needed funds to complete the interior of the church building. Now, since the completion of the church, the Marfa board has agreed that proceeds will now go to provide scholarships for young pastors entering the Moscow Theological Seminary. This training is approximately $5000 a year for 3 years. We hope to provide one full scholarship every year.


We are encouraged by Marfa’s story, and look forward to their continued growth!

Shop Marfa products here,

and make a difference with your purchase!





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Fall Fashion – 1 Look 4 Ways

Dreaming of fall fashion? We have the perfect piece for every occasion!

Check out how we styled 1 look 4 different ways with BB accessories:

1 outfit 4 ways

#1: Pop of Pink

A touch of pink makes every outfit a little more festive and supports a women’s cooperative in Honduras.

IMG_8102Fall accessories 4

* * *

#2: Easy Elligance

A statement necklace – the easiest way to dress up an outfit, and employ women in Uganda.

fall accessories 7fall accessories 8

* * *

#3: Casual Cool

Look great while sharing God’s love with women in Costa Rica (headband) and in India (neckace).

Fall accessories 1Fall Accessories 2

* * *

#4 A touch of Turquoise

Just add turquoise. Wear this necklace and provide deaf women job opportunities in Kenya.

Fall accessories 5fall accessories 6



Don’t be afraid to




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