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Amahoro Burundi

We are HONORED to introduce you to… Amahoro Burundi.

In Bujumbura Burundi, the love of Christ is spreading with the help of Amahoro Burundi!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.36.28 PM

The artisans behind Amahoro Burundi know the meaning of tragedy and trial.

Hunger • Poor Health • Abuse

Degrees of brokenness vary among the women of Amahoro Burundi, but they are all learning to love, heal and forgive through “the eye of a needle”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.44.05 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.44.58 PM


Amahoro provides employment, fellowship, and healing – a sisterhood of women who love and support each other.

Products from Amahoro Burundi are hand crafted, and the income from these products provides food and education for the families of these beautiful artisans.

“By purchasing products from Amahoro, you are not only giving these women an opportunity to grow spiritually, to feel a sense of independence as they support their families, but you are also bringing dignity to women who had never known what that really meant. You are giving them hope in a better future for themselves and their children.”

Shop Beautifully now, and make lasting impacts for real women! :)



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Threads of Hope – Sewing Transformation

This week we would like to introduce you to Threads of Hope!

Empowering impoverished women, transforming lives, and supporting a God-driven global economic structure.

Olga Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope is one of our amazing Bought Beautifully vendors!  Although they are new to Bought Beautifully, the organization has a proven track record of sharing God’s love in tangible ways.  Threads of Hope began in 1999 as a partnership between 7 Peruvian artists and 2 women from the states with the goal to empower God’s people by breaking the cycle of poverty. They do this by providing fair, consistent, and reliable monthly income for the creators of their products. They sell these items in the states, and thanks to their expansive volunteer coalition, they are able to pour 100% of the profit back into the communities through grants aimed at reducing poverty.

img_4677 img_4738 pillow_cover_wall_hanging_-_market2

Threads of Hope has seen God’s majesty and power at work.  They have watched families rise from abject poverty to sending their children to college!

olga - Threads of Hope

Below is the Moya family, three generations of women who have been positively impacted by Threads of Hope. Here is their story:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.44.50 PMSolfina Moya started with ToH in 1999.  She was DETERMINED to make a better life for her children. She fled an alcoholic abusive marriage, and came  to Lima for “opportunity”…there was none. She and her children found themselves in a scrap shanty house,  with pallets for walls, a tin and tarp patched roof, no running water or fuel source.  She learned to sew with Threads of Hope, and now, 15 years later, has built a proper home, with a tile bathroom, functional kitchen, a real roof and enough space for her adult children and grandchildren (In Peru families live multi-generationally).

Solfina said, “I did not know that Jesus loved me until he fed my children.”

Several years ago ToH asked Solfina if she was going to install concrete floors in her ever improving home. Her answer: “No, I am sending by son to law school.” Gustavo graduated law school in 2009, passed the bar and is a practicing attorney, all thanks to his mother’s heart, hands, and dedication to the future for her family.

Friends!! Does this make you as excited as it makes me???  Proof that we can use our purchases to make positive impacts!

Shop Beautifully –




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Taking action on inequality (it’s easier than you think!)

In an unfair world, inequality happens…

Today is Blog Action Day, which means bloggers from all over the world are coming together to write about an issue. Today’s topic is inequality.

While millions of people are born into lives full of love and opportunity,

millions more are born into an entirely different world.


Neither the “haves” nor the “have-nots” have any say in the circumstance they are given. In an unfair world this kind of inequality just happens.


The  facts concerning inequality can be sobering, but they ARE. NOT. HOPELESS.

Our position in life is no accident.

When we are placed in a position of affluence, through birth or fortitude, it isn’t just so we can be blessed, but rather so that we would  bless others.

One way we can do this is through our daily purchases.  When we purchase with purpose and conviction we can positively impact people’s lives by providing them with economic opportunities. Lets take a quick look at Haiti:

Haiti is a stunning country full of beautiful, vibrant people.

But as a country, it has more than its fair share of hardships and inequalities. Here are two facts:

40% of Haitians lack access to clean water         75% of Haitians live on less than $2 a day

Talk about inequality. However, the creative, talented, industrious, and hard working Haitians aren’t letting these inequalities keep them down.  They are working despite the harsh realities into which they were born to create wonderful lives and some pretty amazing products. Check them out!

This is Maria Jose, she works with HAPI.  She loves embroidering, learning, and having the ability to send her kids to school.


This is Christianna, an artist, a mother, and a gardener. She works with 2nd Story Goods.


This is Wilnes, he works with Haiti’s Jewels. He is father, a leader, an electrician, a musician, and he makes amazing coconut jewelry.


Today, right where you are, is the perfect time to take a stand against inequality.

Our seemingly insignificant purchases can make HUGE impacts.

If you shop today, shop Beautifully!!


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Friday Favorites – Products with Impact

 Happy Friday!  October has been a full and happy month for us. :) We have so many new favorite friends and products that are positively impacting the world, we can’t wait to share them all you!  Here are four for today’s viewing pleasure.



 Favorite Art: We love The Bless the Lord Oh My Soul print by Life Lived Beautifully. It’s perfect to hang anywhere! Available at our new favorite place to shop Bought Beautifully ;)




Favorite arm candy: The Leather Wrap Bracelet by 2nd Story Goods. Also available at Bought Beautifully. :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.45.53 PM

Favorite Winter Accessories: Although we are not ready for winter weather, we are totally crazy about Noonday Collection’s Winter line. The entire line is incredible, but these sparkly duds are our favs.












Favorite Recipe Finds: The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook. So many ways to make delicious, fair-trade, everyday meals. Pssssst, this would make an excellent Christmas gift!
















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