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Want to know our secret???

You all know that we have been working really hard on our special, beautiful, surprise…


We aren’t letting the rest of the world in on the secret until Wednesday…


But we wanted to let YOU, our regular readers, be the first to see…

The Bought Beautifully Market!


 It’s real. It’s ready.  It’s open!!!!


Our goal with this market is to provide a platform where you can shop from a variety of amazing organizations from across the globe that:

1.) Know their supply chain

2.) Pay fair wages

3.) Prioritize safe working conditions

4.) Practice wise stewardship 


5.) Most importantly, share God’s love through their work. 

We are thrilled to partner with 9 inspiring organizations for the initial launch. Check them out, you will love them!!

The rest of the world will get to see the site on Wednesday, but until then it is all yours! Enjoy :)

.  .  .

Want to play a more active role in what we are doing?

Help us spread the word!

  • On Wednesday, share our site with your family, friends,church, and even strangers on the street.
  • If you are on Facebook this week, like our page, like our posts and enter our giveaway.  You can find us here.
  • Follow us on instagram @boughtbeautifully and enter our contest there too!


Thanks for all your support!





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Friday Favorites, Fair Trade (and beyond!!)

Favorite Fall Footwear:  Teysha Boots. Wow! Hand made, high quality, fair wages meets high fashion = love!!! The best part is you can design your own.



Favorite creation: Amazima’s new earrings. Great Earrings, great story.


Favorite (almost) release: Glorify Apparel’s behind the scenes glimpse into the new FALL line


 Favorite warm drink: Celestial Teas new organic and Fair Trade certified teas – YUMMMMM! Unfortunately, these are only available at Whole Foods, but if you live near one, get yours soon.


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Word of the Week – Jocund

JOCUND / adjective : suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness

We hope this week’s word helps  you discover and enjoy the JOY of the Lord!

debb3f929054176718a488e773532ac3 Strife and bitterness choke out the JOY that the Lord desires for us.

This week, make a conscious effort to fight the norm, and embrace a JOCUND attitude!


Psalm 16:11

You will make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; in your right hand there are pleasures forever.

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Missin’ you…

Hello dear readers –

I  wanted to send you a quick note, apologizing for the lack a posts lately.  I miss you! We have been working really hard on something really beautiful!

Don’t worry, you will be the first to know when it’s ready!



It will be worth the wait.

We promise.


lots of love and big hugs-









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Word of the Week – Numinous

Numinous: supernatural, mysterious; filled with a sense of the presence of divinity

This week’s word leaves us in awe as we think about the divinity of the Lord.

Being filled with the presence of God is often too intense of a feeling to define, but this word comes close.


May you have many numinous experiences with the Lord this week!

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Friday Favorites – Fall!

The seasons are changing, we are loving all things roasted, toasted, and cozy! Here are some of our fall favorites on this lovely Friday!

beet galette






Looking for a way to use all that garden/farmer’s market produce?  I will be making this recipe over the weekend.



We love chai no matter the season, but it is ESPECIALLY good when there is a chill in the air.

It gets even BETTER when you make it yourself! :)

You can try the recipe here.

With the approach of fall, we also get NEW and beautiful things from 31 Bits, Krochet Kids and Glorify Apparel!

  10624936_758093207559121_1026312835691389396_n     c602d96bc5b78d804db992ca77c37227      s7_82a84669-a409-4247-a576-5f19759453ca

Have a great weekend!


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Fall is coming. School is starting. Life is changing.

I’m always refreshed by a change in season when it refers to the temperament of the weather. Unfortunately, I don’t always see change as refreshing when it applies to the season of my life.

Embracing new seasons of life is sometimes an unnatural response, but it becomes easier when we discover their purpose.

maps    The Lord gives us new seasons for the purpose of growing us into better disciples.

How would we learn trust if we didn’t have a few unwanted seasons full of who, what, where, when and why?

How would we learn to ask if we never had anything to ask for?

There are seasons for challenge and trial, but there are also seasons for restoration and renewal.

We need both to see the true character of God.

In the challenging seasons, ask for strength and wisdom.

In the seasons of rest, praise Him for his love and faithfulness.

Change can be harsh, but it can also be beautiful.

YAY for a change of season!


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