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Word of the week – Obsequious

Hello all!  Guess what time it is? Word of the week time –



[uh b-see-kwee-uh s]

 – marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness

 – servilely compliant or deferential : obsequious servants

 – obedient, dutiful


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I hope you are excited about your burgeoning vocabularies and feeling sanguine to learn more each week, but please don’t become too obsequious as you study and use these words…

BAM!!!!!  #wordoftheweek #allinone :)

Happy Monday

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More than $1 today?

Hello friends and Happy Monday.  It almost wasn’t a happy one for me.  When I opened my eyes this morning I was greeted by piles of un-folded laundry staring at me from the foot of the bed, a desk of un-finished projects calling my name and two sweet bright-eyed children who were ready to go an hour too early. I started the day a bit crabby; I had so many things that I wanted to do and not enough time to do them all.  And then the image below flashed into my mind – reminding me of this article that I read over the weekend about poverty.


How do I forget so easily?

These things that I let frustrate me are the non-essentials of life, the extra stuff that should add to my life, not take away from it.  I have more than my fair share of them, so much more, that I can let my clean clothes be an annoyance. Seriously?

Yet, almost every single day, I take the essentials of life : food, shelter, safety, for granted.  Meanwhile –

Over ONE BILLION people live on a dollar a day.

That’s one billion of my brothers and sisters! They are hungry, thirsty, sick, and at risk.  They live on a dollar a day…and I get frustrated because I didn’t get all my DIY-projects done over the weekend?  YUCK.

I am so ready for a PERMANENT perspective shift.

Perscpective I don’t want another day to go by that I am not aware, in awe, and on my knees in thanks for all the blessings I have been given.

I don’t want to forget the people who have not been as fortunate as me.

Dear friends, How do you keep your perspective and awareness?

Share with me. Encourage me.  Hold me accountable.  Let’s be the group of people who MAKE. A. DIFFERENCE.

Check out these guys – They decided that they wanted to better understand poverty, so they moved to Guatemala and experienced it first hand.  It’s a great interview with several experts on poverty issues.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I am going to start by praying for true perspective and a new way to see and relate to the world (Romans 12:2). However, as sincere as I am in my prayers, I know that I need action, visual and physical reminders to really make this sink in…

Have you heard of Live Below the Line? It is a five-day challenge to increase understanding of extreme poverty by spending only $1.50 a day on your food and drinks (that means no lattes, :/ GLUP ).  I am thinking of taking the challenging the second week in July, 7th-11th.

Will you join me?

Sign up in the comments section! If you can’t commit to all five days, that’s ok, let’s do 1 or 2 or whatever works for your life right now.





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Friday favorites

Happy Friday! Here are a few of our favorite things from the last two weeks.

To Experience:

The miracle of caterpillar life:Butterflies You can get your own Butterfly kit on amazon.  They come in the mail as caterpillars so you can watch the caterpillar-butterfly life-cycle first hand. H loved it, and it was a great reminder of how amazing our world is!!

To Eat:BJ_PHish_Food

Should I be embarrassed that we have ice cream most nights in the summer? :/  It’s easy to do when you live right across the bridge from the local ice cream shop!  When we aren’t supporting the local guys, we are happily to putting our money behind Ben and Jerry’s (and even more happily stuffing our faces with PhishFood!!!!) as they have a committed to sourcing all the ingredients from Fair Trade Certified Sources! They are a little bit more expensive than the other brands but if I am lucky enough to eat ice cream weekly, let alone nightly, I can certainly afford to pay more to support them for standing up for what I believe in; freedom, fair wages, social justice, environmental responsibility!

To listen to:

All Sons and Daughters – You Remain

To Read :

Looking for a great summer read?  My book club just finished reading These is my Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 (P.S.)  Everyone loved it! Don’t let the title fool you (it totally turned me off!) the book will draw you in and you will fall in love with the main character; a strong, smart, capable, kind women – so refreshing!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Word of the Week – Sanguine

Hello and Happy Monday.  Let’s start the week off right with a little vocabulary expansion.  This week’s word is:



/saNGwin/ Click here for pronunciation.

Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

May we all be sanguine no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in this week.

Have a great one!


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How to Party with a purpose

Turns out most people like to party!  So, we are following up on our Sole Hope post with our guide, How to Party with a Purpose, and some resources to help you to find the cause/organization you want to support while you party.  Gather your friends and family, make some goodies, and make a difference (and pin the graphic below to help spread the word) : How-to-Party-8

   Our party ideas and organizations to support

Create something beautiful to share:

What is better than using our creativity to help someone else? Here are a few ways you can get crafty with your friends:

  • Little Dresses for Africa

Get crafty with Little Dresses for Africa, and turn pillow cases into masterpieces. The dresses are distributed to girls in orphanages and schools in Africa to show them that they are loved and are worthy! We did this with our youth group and church a few years ago, it was a great cross generational bonding experience.

  • Little Dresses for AfricaDolly Donations

Have a blast making these precious Dolls with Dolly Donations – Your doll could become a child’s favorite toy and source of comfort in Haiti and Guatemala.

Dolls for Haiti 4

Host a Trunk Show:

Hosting or attending a trunk show with the following companies is like shopping from the comfort of your home while eating, drinking and conversing with friends and you get to help each organization achieve their mission. It’s easy: just click on the highlighted  links below to contact the company, set a date for your party, typically they will send you a box full of products (each companies’ policies vary and they may or may not send a representative along with the products). Sounds great, right?

  • Elegant Tees

Elegant Tees rescues and restores victims of Human Trafficking and provides them a positive and stable income by sewing these cute Tees! Host a Trunk show here.Elegantees

  • Haiti Design Co-op

Haiti Design Co-op, share some Haitian style by bringing a variety of items from talented Hatian artists into your home.


  • Noonday Collection

Noonday Collection – Sells a variety of accessories, pays their artisans living wages and advocates for adoption.  Do you know someone who is adopting, you can appoint 10% of your trunk show sales to their adoption. As they say, Host a Trunk Show, Change the World.


  • 31 Bits

31 Bits makes beautiful jewelry, pays their artisans fair wages and offers them awesome educational opportunities.  To sign up for a House Party click here.


  • Sak Saum

Sak Saum (Cambodia) Restores and rehabilitates victims of Human Trafficking and makes beautiful products. Host a home party here.

Sak Saum

  • Seed

Seed= Livelihood Network, provides Sustainable Empowerment through Economic Development to communities that don’t have many other economic opportunities. They have products from all over the world.  To host an event or Trunk show click here.


  • Me to We

Me to We – Sells eco-friendly and socially conscious products, they carry a bit of everything from cards to clothing  Find out how to host a trunk show here.


Host a Movie night:

Summer is the perfect time for a backyard movie screening! Choose one of the movies with a message listed below and help spread awareness about important issues.


Human Trafficking – The Pink Room follows Mien a girl trapped in sex slavery in Cambodia. It portrays the complex issue of human trafficking yet is a story of redemption and gives hope in the midst of darkness.

Maternal Health – The story of four women and the trails and complications they face during their pregnancies and deliveries.

Adoption Advocacy – A documentary that follows four children from three different countries and the challenges involved in completing their adoptions.

Your ideas here :)

The possibilities are endless!!  Have you thrown a gathering or party with a purpose? What did you do? Share with us in the comment section!

Also, check out our Pinterest board for more party inspiration –

Follow Bought Beautifully’s board PARTY time! on Pinterest.

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12 years as a modern-day slave

I just watched 12 years a slave.  Of course, after watching it I couldn’t sleep (my poor husband BUT he should know better by now – this happens every time we watch even a slightly violent, dramatic, intense or challenging movie, – when will he learn to just stick with Disney G’s ??).  After watching it my mind was going 100 miles an hour wrestling with these questions:

Why does evil exist? How can people be so evil? How can we be so complacent and passive?
How is it possible that this was happening not that long ago – practically my great-grandparents generation!?
How can people just sit by and do nothing, when atrocious things like this are happening?

All this eventually led to a an internal question –

What morally wrong, atrocious and evil things are happening in the world today and what am I doing about them?

Followed by a prayer that God would open my eyes to whatever it maybe and move me into a position to do battle.  Before I even finished praying, the answer came because I already knew the answer, I had even written about it before.


Today, there are between 21-30 million slaves in the world. [1] These are real people, with real faces, and real hopes and dreams and that are trapped in a system of exploitation they can’t escape.

Slavery Fact Sheet

What are modern-day slaves doing?

I don’t want to be the person who simply casts a sympathetic glance and lets myself off the hook because I personally don’t own slaves.  I want to be the person who does something.  What can I do? What can you do?

Start by learning the facts –

Free the Slaves – This site provides the most comprehensive picture of modern-day slavery and provides action steps that we can take to end slavery.

Slavery Footprint – Take this quiz and see how many slaves work for you, then make a goal to reduce this number by 2015. This site is very cool and very eye-opening, if you have already done the quiz, I recommend taking it again, it is a good reminder of the reality of our world. Don’t forget to read the facts as you go along.

Slavery Footprint

Read these reports – Forced Labor in the United States, The Modern Churches Opportunity to End Slavery, Again, Slavery Map,

Become a conscious consumer –

Demand products that are Slavery Free!  Seriously, WHY WOULD WE NOT?  The basic law of economics applies here too, if we demand slavery free products and are willing to seek them out, companies will respond. Check out these apps and sites which make understanding the implications behind your products easier:

Set captives free

The Spirit of the Lord, the Eternal, is on me.  The Lord has appointed me for a special purposeHe has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to repair broken hearts, And to declare to those who are held captive and bound in prison,“Be free from your imprisonment!”


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1. U.N. International Labor Organization Global Estimate of Forced Labor 2012 ––en/index.htm


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Let’s flourish – word of the week

I have a confession to make; I forgot to actually learn during high school.  Those weekly vocabulary tests, yeah, I crammed for them the night before, as a result all those words entered my short-term memory and promptly left.  So, here I am now, a 30 year woman with regrets and a limited vocabulary.  :(  BUT it is never to late, right?

After talking to my friends, it sounds like most women are eager to continue learning and expanding their vocabularies but finding the time and being purposeful about it can be tricky.  So we are bringing you the word of the week, every two weeks we will present a new word that we can learn together.

 After all, life is to short to not know what the word burgeon means (or how to pronounce it – click here for that!).


Let’s become wise women with burgeoning vocabularies :)


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