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Friday Favorites

TGIF!!!  We are ending the week by sharing a few of our favorite things~

To read –

While They Are Sleeping: 12 Character Traits to Pray for the Children You Love  A friend gave us this book and I love it. It has been a great guide to get me thinking about how to model, teach, instill and pray for certain character traits in my children.  It is probably better suited for older kids as some of the activities it suggests require a little more attention and cognitive processing than my kiddos currently possess but you can adapt some of the activities and store the rest away for future use.

To clean –

The Lush body buffy bar = seriously LUSH-IOUS!  This is just what a busy woman needs to shave a few minutes off her morning routine; it cleans, exfoliates,  moisturizes and makes your skin feel lovely.  A Lush is a great company to support, it is fair trade, uses all natural ingredients and they stand up for what they believe in.


To eat –

It is such a treat to be out of the kitchen and in the fresh air, I am loving any and everything grilled. These grilled veggies are amazing!! I never follow the recipe exactly but it is a perfect base to start with.



We can’t get enough of being outside, enjoying  the warm weather the fruits, flowers and foods of summer!

SummerFUnWhat are some your favorite things? Share them with us!

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A great new App

Is the money we spend contributing to causes and companies that we would never intentionally support?

I just found a great new app,  BUYCOTT, that can help us better understand the connections behind our products and the type of world we are creating through our purchases.

BuycottApp2014-05-28 at 11

How does it work?

First, you browse their list of campaigns or create your own campaign.  Campaigns are created around causes or issues, such as, Human Trafficking, Fairtrade, GMO labeling, etc.  You then use your Buycott app to scan the product you are considering buying. The app looks up the product to find what brands the product belongs to, what company owns that brand and then cross checks that company with the campaigns you joined.  If you joined campaigns to Avoid Sweatshop Labor and Support USA labor (see example below), it would scan to find the brand’s and company’s involvement in these areas.   The screen shot below shows how you choose a category and find campaigns to join.


How well does it work?

I’ll admit Buycott isn’t perfect; it’s database is limited, it is slightly cumbersome to use, and it’s hard to know if the information is 100% reliable (it depends on users to input data and corporate ownership and involvement in issues is hard to accurately track) BUT it is a great concept and a step in the right direction. The more we use apps like these, the more we research the products we purchase, learn the story and implications behind these products, ultimately giving us more power to make our choices count.

When we are purposeful with our purchasing power, companies notice and the changes we desire gradually change the world around us.

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Every woman wants to sparkle.

But we would never want our shine to come at someone else’s expense, right?

Unfortunately, our cosmetics might be doing just that. Mica, the mineral found in most make-up and other products (paints, building materials, electrical products) that gives them their shimmer, shine, and glimmer, is often mined by children who are forced to work in dangerous and illegal mines.

60% of the global Mica production comes from India.  In 2010-2011, 86% of the country’s mica exports were unregulated. Chances are, we are all contributing.

So, what is a girl to do?

1.) Donate

Made in a Free World is doing something about this by creating Safe Villages, where children attend school rather than work.  Donate today and help MIAFW achieve their goal of establishing 5 safe villages in the region hardest hit by child labor.

2.) Don’t buy cosmetics that contain Mica

In response to this problem and the complexities in finding an ethical source of mica the cosmetics company Lush, removed all mica from their products, so shopping with them is a safe bet. Otherwise look for products that don’t contain Mica.

We all know that our true sparkle comes from the inside.  Let’s prove it by caring more about the welfare of the world’s children than our outward appearance.

Beauty shine


If you want to know more about the truth behind Mica mining and child labor check out these links:




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Friday Fun Day – Things we are loving

Hello! Today is a random post to share some of the things I am loving lately…

To Read ~ A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises

I completely recommend reading this with a girlfriend or two, opening up and going deep.  It was so freeing to be vulnerable and honest and such a good reminder that we all have our “things” but we serve a God who is bigger than them.  He made us and even with our imperfections He wants to use us in His perfect plan. After reading this I had renewed want to run confidently after my dreams!

For Health ~ A Weekend Cleanse

Today is my last day of this three day cleanse. I didn’t do this over the weekend because in my mind, weekends are not for cleansing! Lately, I have felt slow and sluggish.  I had fallen into the habit of snaking all the time and eating mostly carbohydrates.  With long summer days ahead and the desire to keep up with my kids and life in this busy season, I needed a jump-start on health.


It was honestly so easy and delicious. I totally recommend it! I did however, make several adaptations to the cleanse; I altered the recipes to fit my budget, I only made three juices a day and made them all in advance so I would always have something ready to drink, I kept drinking caffeine and I plan to celebrate the end of the cleanse tonight with dinner and wine :/

To Experience – Rwanda

Noonday Collection is offering an experience of a lifetime, they have partnered with the International Justice Committee and a group of women bloggers to travel to Rwanda to tell the story about using our purchasing power for good.  Sounds right up Bought Beautifully’s alley, right? The best part is that you could be the one going! They have left one spot for a lucky someone to travel with them.

What an amazing opportunity; experiencing Rwanda, meeting Noonday Artisans, working with the International Justice Mission  (an amazing organization!!), and traveling with these 8 amazing women.  Could you be the

To Listen to – Ray LaMontagne – Ojai

My husband is the music man in the house, if it weren’t for him I would still be listening to Ace of Base…oh wait, I am still listening to Ace of Base.  When my husband is at the helm of the stereo our music jumps up a few notches (and generations), this is a current favorite.

 What are you loving these days? Please share your great finds with me in the comment section!

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Who Likes to Party (with a purpose)?

I love using the power of my purchases to change someone’s life. However, I have always wanted to play a more hands on role in the process. Today, I discovered that role through Sole Hope parties!


Sure, you can buy a pair of shoes that in turn gives a pair to someone in need; but how cool would it be to gather with your friends and make the shoes yourself? You can do just that with Sole Hope Shoe Parties.

Sole Hope has developed 4 easy steps to re-purpose old pairs of jeans into shoes for African children:

  1. Collect your forgotten/unwanted jeans (I have at LEAST 5 pairs).
  2. Cut out the shoe patterns according to the Sole Hope party book.
  3. Trace the pattern onto old jeans and cut!
  4. Mail the patterns to Sole Hope


Easy as 1,2,3, 4 :)!

You get to spend quality time with your friends while also making a difference:

  • Every piece of fabric you cut will  protect a child’s feet from jigger infestations.
  • Women in Uganda will be provided with a job – sewing together each pair of shoes!
  • Family’s lives will be changed. The employment and training will give each woman with pride in her skill and workmanship and provide income to care for her family.

Let’s join together and party with a purpose!

Not that into parties? No problem, you can support Sole Hope by buying products from their store here.


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The Greatest of these is love


I love this quote for the obvious reasons that it is inspiring and convicting.  However, I have to admit that the first time I read it I also found it discouraging as I initially thought of all the challenging and significant things that I wasn’t doing in my everyday life (ie. tending to lepers, feeding starving children, curing disease, etc. etc. etc.) But –


How often do I forget this good news? (pun intended) – Christ. is. LOVE.

When I am loving, I am living it out. me and my girl

There is joy and purpose in this loving business and it doesn’t always have to be difficult. I am living it out when

…I am holding my daughter close, dancing with friends in celebration, snuggling my boy late into the night when sleep just won’t come to him,

…I am using my FEET to chase my children, to walk to the neighbor’s house, to pick up trash, toys,

…I am using my HANDS to tickle, to make dinner, to wipe bottoms, to create.

…when I am LOOKing longingly and lovingly at my husband, at the sunset, at my children, at dessert (ok maybe not this one).

I can bless and be blessed all day everyday, all I need is to remember God’s unending love, and attempt the same with those around me.


H and the little lady



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