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The Christmas Light Express

I have another great new Christmas Tradition idea to share with you all today:


I can’t take any credit for the idea, my good friend Elizabeth came up with it.  She invited H and I to join her and her boys last week to experience The Christmas Light Express and it was awesome!  Definitely something we will be adding to our list of Christmas activities.  Basically, she turned regular old Christmas light looking into a magical Polar Express type adventure! I am  sad I didn’t take any pictures on our evening out (I’m a little distracted lately – come on baby!!!) but I think you can still get the idea.


What you will need:

  • The Christmas Express Train (aka your car)
  • Conductor hat (if you have one)
  • Tickets to board the train (print your tickets here)
  • Cool Christmas light viewing glasses (You can find your Christmas Glasses here)
  • Hot drinks and Christmas cookies
  • Christmas Carols
  • Holiday Spirit

Here’s what you do:

Tell your children that tonight you will be going on a Christmas Adventure.  They will need to be ready to board The Christmas Express at 7:00 (you choose time). In order to board they must have a ticket (you can make our own or print the ones below) and be dressed appropriately (Christmas pjs?). Transform your car into the Christmas Light express (We didn’t do this but I think it would be fun to add a whistle maybe some other things to the car). Make train station type announcements throughout the day updating your passengers on weather conditions and departure times!

ChristmasticketWhen it is time to board, the conductor (you or  an older child) punches everyone’s ticket. Upon boarding the train everyone is given cool Christmas light viewing glasses. Once everyone is all buckled in serve hot chocolate (in travel mugs with good lids!) and Christmas cookies, start playing music and hit the road!! Drive around town signing carols and oohing and ahhhhing at all the lights! And

Have yourself a Merry Little

Christmas Light Express!

This was really fun and a super easy way to add a little Christmas magic to an ordinary night. Thanks for including us Elizabeth!

We are hoping to add a Birthday celebration to our list of Christmas traditions but apparently the little lady is in no hurry! So until then we will keep looking for new Christmas traditions to try! Any suggestions? Share them with me in the comment section…

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12 Days of Christmas

Wooza! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here… Just a little more than 12 days away in fact ;)

One of my favorite parts of the season are, as my family yells at the top of our lungs anytime we do something that we have done more than once in the past –


Traditions, no matter how small and silly or big and extravagant, they really make the season special!

It is so fun to be in this stage of life with young kids and growing family to get to start making our own unique family TRADITIONS!!  Between my man’s family and mine we have so many great traditions to draw from and take part in but I am relishing the chance to start creating our own that reflect us and our family.

So, our first try at a new tradition is the :

12 days of Christmas

H started by writing a gift list.  However, it isn’t the traditional gift list, it is a gift giving list! He had to come up with 12 people that he wanted to give gifts to. There were a few rules 1.) He could not choose his grandparents or cousins (they will be getting gifts anyway), 2.) He couldn’t choose just friends 3.) He had to think of people in all different age categories.

12 DaysClick here to print your own list.

Then we had to think of small little gifts that we could give them.  The goal for us is not to spend a lot of money or any time shopping.  We tried to come up with little things that we could make, so most people will be getting fudge since Pa recently introduced him to the deliciousness of homemade fudge, or other hand-made crafts and cards.  However, he did come up with a few more creative ideas like a  making a CD for his friend who likes to dance, and this one; the best gift of all, according to H is going to be this old white mini-blind stick from a some blinds I was throwing away, that he wants to give his BFF because it can be anything: currently it functions as fire pole, a hose, a fishing pole, miscellaneous weapons, a Luna prodding stick, a guitar.

Hudson’s idea of what would make a good gift was by far the most fun part.  His innocence and untainted view of what a gift should be was a good reminder for me that the best gifts are not always new, clean, shiny or fancy but rather sharing something you love with someone you love.

His friend’s mom might find it weird when we give her son a dirty used mini-blind stick! But my heart will be smiling.

I am really excited to do the 12 Days of Giving before and leading up to Christmas as I feel like the  giving aspect is usually lost in the craziness of Christmas Day.  Giving, in response to the awesome gift that God gave us (Jesus!) is an aspect of Christmas that I really want to emphasize and celebrate during the season.

We will see how it goes, so far it has been great (we started early since we are about to have a baby, eeeeeh!!!!!!!, and I wanted to give myself a few extra  days to make and deliver gifts). H woke up that last two mornings wondering who we were going to give the gifts to that day and was really sweet about giving.

What about you all? Do you have any new or unique  Christmas traditions that you just love?

Please, share them us in the comment section. And If you are looking for a new tradition we would love you to join us!

Merry Christmas!


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The IMPACTS – Give with Impact!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I last posted and since the Give with Impact Sale!!

I had planned to write this post sooner but I was in Arizona for two weeks for my little sister’s wedding (you can read about her bridal shower here and I will post about the wedding soon). While I was gone I didn’t do a thing but family bonding and wedding details!  I am home now and getting back into the swing of things, so here we go.

Give with Impact was a huge success!

I am so humbled, thrilled and honored to have been a part of the event.  It was truly amazing how God blessed the day and how many people came together to make it possible.  A few thank you’s are in order.

~ Thank you so much to my wonderful friends who helped with the event ,you are such amazing women! Thank you for your time, energy, enthusiasm and prayers. I love you ladies.

IMG_0990 image-17 image-15

photo 2-1

~ Thank you to all the organizations who participated – African Soles, Creative Women of the World, 31 Bits, Noonday Collection, Equal Exchange,  Sak Saum and Hlanganani

We loved getting to know your products and being a part of your impacts!

~ Thank you to the Sheridan community, you showed so much interest and support.

Over the weekend our community made huge impacts world-wide. After following up with the organizations who sent products the thing that inspired and moved me the most was how much of the money was being directed towards different types of education and trainings.  In one way or another each organization used  portions of what would typically be profits to enrich communities mainly through education.  The money that was spent during Give with Impact is truly empowering people to improve their realities! That is so exciting, that is the stuff that impacts the world for good!  As Nelson Mandela said –


 Some specific impacts from the weekend include:

  • Through African Soles one woman will receive 1/3 of the funding she needs to start her own business. Whoop,Whoop!

  • Through Creative Women of the World, 12 Women in Haiti, Tajikistan, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Kenya will be offered a day of business training or mentoring!! Can I get an AMEN to that?! Unbelievable!

  • Thanks to 31 Bits women in Uganda in will have access to counseling, health education, finance training, and business mentorships. YESSSSSS!

  • Out of their proceeds Sak Saum offers the women in their program English, sewing, life skills and business administration classes.  New opportunities!!

  • Hlanganani will add resources to their programs that offer love, support, and therapy for men, women, children, the elderly, sick, prisoners, school children, and mentally and physically disabled children and specifically put monies toward revamping the kitchen where the feed all the handicap kids in their program! Such inspiring work.

  • Through Noonday Collection and Equal Exchange – $265 was raised to support a local family who is adopting. We can’t wait to meet  you Jeffrey!

Nicely done Sheridan!!!! Way to have an impact!

I don’t know about you but I feel a lot better after reading that than I do after leaving Walmart or the mall.  :0 ;)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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