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Garage Sale Challenge – DIY Birthday Gifts

The Garage Sale Challenge is still going strong!  I just wanted to share a slightly different take on the challenge from this weekend.  A few of m friends’ kids were celebrating Birthdays this weekend.  We definitely wanted to give a gift, but we also want to try to give something that aligned within our spending habits/beliefs. We decided that we would give “DIY homemade gifts” and then give a donation in each child’s name.

We started with the donation, as that was the easiest part. My favorite place to find a variety of gifts/donations is through World Vision. Their gift catalogue is really special and has so many different causes that you can contribute to; you really can find a gift/donation to meet every interest.

World Vision Gift Catalog

World Vision Gift Catalog


I did a quick tour of the my friends’ pinterest pages to see if they had pinned something we could make.  They have great taste so there were plenty of ideas to choose from!  During the past few weeks I had been on the look out for some finds that could be turned into presents.  I was really lucky find unused, in mint condition, really cute paper from Paper Source and a few old frames that could be cleaned up and painted.  So we put some ideas together and VOILA! Here is what we came up with –

DIY Picture Board

DIY Picture Board

They are definitely “home made” and far from perfect, but my friends are moms and great women, so I am pretty sure they were ok with that. The best part was that they each cost about $5 to make which meant more for the donation! :)

DIY Writing Frame

DIY Writing Frame

Join the garage sale challenge!!

Have you been shopping at garage sales or thrift stores?  Share with us. Share the your finds, the projects you have been working on, and how you are making an impact.  Email us with your stories and pictures at or upload them directly to our Facebook page –  We can’t wait to hear what you have been doing.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


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What She Wore Wednesday – Diamonds

Diamonds, a girls best friend or foe?

Conflict Free diamond Ring

Conflict Free diamond Ring

It is Wednesday again.  We have another great guest feature, my sweet sister-in-law, Linnea.  Linnea is looking lovely as usual.  The accessory we want to focus on is the sparkle she wears everyday, her beautiful diamond wedding ring.  I have always loved Linnea’s ring, it seems vintage, yet classic, all around beautiful and is something she will never get tired of wearing.  However, I  love her ring for reasons deeper than its appearance;  its origin and the fact that it is a Conflict free diamond. Linnea and her husband have always been an inspiration to me.  I remember begin so encouraged, 7 years ago (on Monday – ♥HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!♥) that they went out of their way to research and find a local retailer who could provide a certified conflict free diamond.

L wearing Canadian diamond

Canadian diamond

What is Conflict diamond and why does it matter?

Many of you probably recognize the word blood diamond (which is synonymous with conflict diamond) from the movie Blood Diamond.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it as it definitely opens your eyes to the fact that our purchases can and do have impacts.  According to the UN blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, “…originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments…”

Basically, the sourcing of these diamonds results in and supports human rights abuses, environmental degradation, child labor, and corruption.

There have been international efforts to stop the trading of blood diamonds and in 2000 UN adopted the Kimberly Process in hopes to create a system of tracking the origin of diamonds. Unfortunately, this system had turned out to be  woefully inadequate and ineffective, and cannot always guarantee that consumers are in fact purchasing a conflict free diamond.

So what is a girl (or boy) who is in the market for a diamond to do?


The Canadian government has created a diamond certification program that tracks diamonds from the mine to the market, so you can be assured of the origin of our diamond.  In addition, Canadian diamonds are some of the most ethically sourced diamonds, as the government has strict labor and environmental laws that all producers must follow.

For those of us who already have our rings and are planning on keeping them until death do us part, this post probably may seem pointless, but there is still a lot you can do surrounding the issue.

1. Encourage people you know who are considering a diamond purchase to demand conflict free diamonds (Canadian if possible).

2. Start thinking about the origin of all your purchases, jewelry and otherwise.  Ask your retailers hard questions about where items were made and under what conditions.  Start letting the world know that we care about where our products come from and the impacts behind them!

If you would like more information on conflict diamonds, check out the following sources –

Foreign Policy – Rough Cut – An investigation into the diamond industry today

Global Witness – Conflict Diamonds

Canadian Diamond Certification Process

Brilliant Earth – An Ethical Buying Guide

Thanks, Linnea, for sharing your lovely ring and inspiring ideals with us!

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The Garage Sale Challenge Part 2

The Garage Sale Challenge is underway. I am so excited to share the next few posts and can’t wait to hear from you! If you did the garage sale challenge SHARE your pictures and stories with us at or if you blog share on the linky tool below.  If you haven’t done the challenge, it isn’t too late to start!

M friend Jeriann and I came across an amazing Estate Sale.  We both found some truly AWESOME finds.  My finds included thesee beautiful hanging baskets, a door mat, and some ski pants.


I have been wanting to build window boxes to add some dimension and interest to the front of the house (as you can see, it needs it!) but these beauties were too good to pass up and we already had little hooks in the roof. So done and done.

Garage Sale Hanging Basket

Garage Sale Hanging Basket

Sticking with the flower pot theme Jer and I decided to have our almost 3 year olds paint and plant a few pots to deliver to a local Senior housing.  I wasn’t sure how they would respond when I called to see if they would be interested BUT they were head over heals excited to have us come visit.

H painting

The kids had a ball painting pots.

H painting 2

3 kids heading in

The kids walking in. I am pretty sure H is thinking, “Ah, mom I can’t believe you forgot to bring the cards for our new friends and the snacks for us!”

In hindsight, I wish we would have decorated more pots! I forgot to take a picture of the finished project but they turned out really sweet and the residents seemed to love them.

Sharing flowers with residents

It was hard to get good photos while managing the kids, breakable pots, and interacting with our new friends, but as you can see there were lots of smiles and I think everyone’s day was brightened. The pots were definitely a nice touch but I think the kids were by far the biggest hit!

Sharing flower pots

Flower pot day

Fe's flower pot

The residents just loved seeing and flirting with the little ones and it was really special to see the two oldest interacting with the residents, saying things like, “What is your name?’ and “Have a good day!”  It really was PRICELESS!

H being a little gentleman!

H being a little gentleman! Completely melted my heart!!!

Jer and I both agreed that this was a super easy and quick to way to get our kids (and ourselves) out of our normal routine, engaged in our community, and interacting with a different demographic.  It was also really good reminder that it doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day and that it is so worth doing.

Have you done the GARAGE SALE CHALLENGE yet? If so please share your story with us by email – or on our facebook page – or if you blog, link us up below!  If not, we would love you to Join us!!  You can read what it is all about here!!!

Have a great weekend!

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What They Wore Wednesday

It is Wednesday again. I am having a harder time writing this post  today and not because my subjects aren’t adorable, wonderful, and precious THEY ARE! Just look at them!  It’s not because I am not excited about the subject matter, I am, two sisters sharing the love, not many things make me this excited!

But when people close to me are experiencing stress, pain, and loss, it feels hard and superficial to be writing about things.

Haz & Ruby

 However these two little munchkins are a good reminder of what is all about.

We were in Colorado Springs last weekend during, according to CNN, the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history.  We had family who were evacuated from their homes.  I kept thinking about the tornados that ripped through Oklahoma earlier in the summer and how much loss and destruction there was for so many people.  Then I woke up this morning to see that my home town, Prescott, is burning up.

Phew that is a lot of hard stuff. People have lost lives, homes and memories as a result of all of these occurrences.

As I mourn for them and pray for them, it causes me to reflect on life and remember that our stuff is just temporary and should be secondary to people and relationships.

Haz & Ruby 2

However, I am encouraged that my stuff can be more than just stuff because of how and who I purchase things from and that these purchases can have real tangible impacts on people. That motivates me to write Bought.Beautifully and to share about organizations that understand and apply the principal that PEOPLE MATTER MOST, and that by making their products they are providing livelihoods, hope and opportunities for people.

But I also want to always remember that stuff is just stuff and that maybe less can be more.  That we don’t always need new things; it is the people behind the things that matter most.

So, today our sweet little Hazel Mae and her adorable sister Ruby are wearing hand-me-downs. Clothes that have been passed on from cousin to cousin and sister to sister.  Along with the passing of clothes comes the sharing of memories and love AND that is what life is really all about.

Hazel so clearly proves that her clothes don’t have to be new to make her happy!


And this precious gem, rockin’ her big sister’s clothes and clearly loving every minute of it!


So your Bought.Beautifully encouragement and challenge for the day is to share some of your love by sharing some of your things and sharing a bit of your life with someone.

Look around and see if there is something in your house that you no longer use or need and see if someone comes to mind who just might love using it. Give hand-me-downs a try! They are a great way to lessen your environmental impact on the world, no new materials being used here (expect for laundry) and they are a great way to connect your life to someone else’s whether it is a sister, cousin, friend, or total stranger.

A special thanks to Jessica, Hazel, and Ruby for sharing the photos and hand-me-down inspiration!


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What She Wore Wednesday – A Sak Saum duo

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Wednesday is quickly moving up to my favorite day of the week, as doing these post is allowing me to connect with some of my favorite people and is continually reminding me of what  a difference we can make by directing where we spend our money and who/what we support with it.

The best part about the Bought Beautifully idea is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  You don’t have to change every spending habit all at once. But by slowly becoming aware and changing one thing at a time, supporting one organization at a time WE ARE MAKING POSITIVE IMPACTS ON THE WORLD!!!!

I think that ROCKS!

And I think these two love ladies rock!  Today we are featuring a special mother-daughter  duo, my dear friend Angie and her daughter Maddie.  A lovely pair, don’t you think? They will be showing off several different Sak Saum accessories. Sak Saum is a truly beautiful ministry who is dedicated to the rescue, restoration, transformation and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women and men.

Buy a product from Sak Saum and help change the impact of human trafficking on someone’s life. Does it get any better than that?

Maddie & Angie in Sak Saum

Angie has been an advocate for Sak Saum for over 2 years and was the first person to introduce me to this amazing organization. I owe a lot of my favorite finds to her.  Let’s take a look at some of her favorite finds!

Sak Saum Apron

Sak Saum Apron

Angie makes the some of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten (she swears she uses the Toll House recipe but mine never turn out as good as hers).  I was not surprised to find out that not only is she a great baker but she looks adorable while doing it, wearing this apron from Sak Saum.  One of Angie’s other favorite accessories is her Sak Saum purse.

Sak Saum has one of the best selections of purses and bags at amazing prices – especially when you consider how much you are supporting when you buy a Sak Saum purse.

Sak Saum Purse 2

Sak Saum Purse

The other really exciting part about our duo is sweet little Maddie in her Sak Saum dress!  I have had the hardest time trying to find kids clothing and products that align with our Bought Beautifully shopping beliefs.  So, I pretty much jumped out of excitement when Angie told me that Sak Saum is now carrying children’s products! YESSSSS!

Blue Sak Saum dress for kids

Blue Sak Saum dress for kids

Maddie wearing Sak Saum dress

Maddie’s little purse is also from Sak Saum!

If you love Sak Saum’s mission and products and want read more click here for past posts or if you want to get involved – click here to find out what might fit best for you.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a happy Wednesday.

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Bought Beautifully Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Looking to buy a present for dad, but don’t want just any old gift? Check out our Father’s day shopping guide.

I know I should have posted this a week ago, but I am assuming that there are plenty of other mothers and daughters like me, who are just now realizing that father’s day is this SUNDAY!!! YES, 5 days away!  So, if you haven’t bought a gift yet, don’t hesitate another moment, check out our shopping guide below to find unique ideas from companies that are Bought.Beautifully approved (the bolded and italicized words tell you why we approve)!

For the classic American Man –

Bought Beautifully Father's day set
Shirt by Ernest Alexander , $138 – Made in America – Read here to find out why we l♥ve Made in America
Messenger Bag by Ernest Alexander  $595 – Made in America
Shoes by SoleRebels $75 – Fair Trade, Sustainable, All around awesome, read here to find out more.

For those of us on a little more of a budget here are some casual ideas –

Long sleeve ho0die by Clean Spirited $29 – Eco-friendly, Gives back
T-shirt by Bamboosa, $24 – Made in America, Green/Eco-friendly
Shoes by SoleRebels $75- Fair Trade, Sustainable, All around awesome, read here to find out more.

Is your guy in need of some accessories? Check out  these funky finds that have positive impacts-

Bought Beautifully Father's day accessories
Bowtie by KrochetKids, $21.95 – Fair Trade, Women’s Empowerment, Education
Silk Ties by Somaly Mam, $40 – Ending Human Trafficking, Provides Rescue, Recovery, and Empowerment
Watch by Clean Spirited, $139, Eco-friendly, Gives back
Are you worried your purchase won’t get in on time? Me too! My strategy this year is to make the  Father’s day celebration last a few days longer.  I’ll treat him to a special day on Sunday, a manly breakfast, some outdoor guy time doing whatever he wants and then surprise him during the week with his gift that has a positive impact!
I hope that you one of these items is just what the father in your life needs.  And if you already have your shopping done (I am so proud of you!!), hopefully you found a new company or organization that you are excited about supporting in the future :).
Happy Tuesday to you!


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What She Wore Wednesday – Made in America!

Want to know how you can do good while you look good? Read on.

It’s Wednesday! I am just loving Wednesdays and getting to see and share so many fun unique styles that have positive impacts.  Doesn’t it feel great knowing that we can look good and do good all at the same time? Today’s gorgeous guest feature comes from The Big Apple, so get ready for a little New York City style.  Natalie, my little sister, is giving us the perfect example of looking good and doing good at the same time.

Natalie in Noonday

Natalie’s stand out clutch and necklace come from Noonday Collection.  These accessories do more than just accent her outfit, they contribute to the world in positive ways. In addition to providing jobs that create a path out of poverty for families in other countries, Noonday also helps USA families raise money for adoptions by giving 10% of hosted trunk shows and they give towards orphan care and prevention.  Noonday doesn’t stop there, they make shopping on their site fun and informative by telling you about who, where, and how your products were made.  Read below to find out about where Natalie’s funky clutch was made.

Noonday Collection Accessories
Noonday Collection Accessories by happy-iii featuring patchwork handbags
We know that accessories can make an outfit…but you have to have an outfit to make.

We also love Natalie’s outfit because her clothes  were Made in America.  

What makes clothes that are Made in America so great? Well, there are several reasons, which we will be elaborating on in detail in a future post, so stay tuned for the details. But here are 3 quick reasons to shop Made in America.  Even though the United States is far from perfect, the U.S.A does a fairly good job of creating environmental and social standards and regulations and monitoring those standards. Which means that, in general, when you buy clothing made in America you know that the workers received a fair wage and worked in safe working conditions, that certain environmental standards were met (typically higher standards than  developing nations), and that you are supporting local and national jobs.

3 Reasons to Buy clothing made in the U.S.A

    1 – Fair Working conditions and wages

    2 – Company’s comply with environmental standards

    3 – Supporting local and national economy

Natalie in Noonday and Made in America
Natalie’s dress (by AQUA available at Bloomingdale’s) jacket (by Go Make Noise) and underwear, YES her underwear, (by Hanky Panky) were all MADE IN AMERICA. Way to Go, Natalic, thanks for sharing your style and your impact with us! We appreciate it. – xoxo
Do you have any favorite brands or products that were made in America? If so, please share them with us in the comment section.
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