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Shoes for the soul

I just got a Birthday present in the mail!!! Yay!  And yes, I am still celebrating in March (my Birthday is in January) but I see no reason why I can’t celebrate for 3 months :) Everyday is a gift worth celebrating right? I highly recommend extending your Birthday to birth-month or months, especially if you live in a cold Northern climate.  We really need something to celebrate when it is March and 18 degrees out, like it is here today! This little gift was the perfect thing to cheer up my cold weather blues.  I’m not crazy enough to wear them outside yet, I have been wearing them around the house and it already feels a little warmer in here!

So, these little beauties come from Africa Soles. An awesome organization that “empowers refugee widows and orphans” in Uganda.  They say they are “fashion with a mission” and I couldn’t agree more.  These shoes are super stylish and it feels so good wearing them knowing by purchasing them we get to play an important role in providing a livelihood for a woman. So far, I am super impressed with the quality and can’t wait for a change in the weather so I can wear them outside for the rest of the world to see!


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What is Bought.Beautifully??

What is Bought.Beautifully? That’s a great question.  Bought.Beauifully is a blog that exists to help people find beautiful products that give glory to God.  The story behind it is rather long, years in the making actually!  But, ultimately, it is a part of our response to following God and His call to us in Micah 6:8, to:

 act justly, seek mercy and walk humbly with our God.

There are thousands of different ways that this verse can be lived out everyday in everyone’s life.  However, several years ago God starting revealing to us that one way we can live this out is through our purchases and how and where we spend our money. We started to realize that the economic choices we make matter.  And that choosing which purse to buy, can and should be decided based on a lot more than what color or pattern I liked best. Because behind each purse or purchase there is a story and these stories have social, environmental and even spiritual implications.  We realized that every time we put our money behind a product that is mass produced in China with no regard to the environment or a product that was made Asia by child labor we were supporting these economic and societal structures.  So we realized we had to change.  But change is slow.  Really slow if you are someone like me and you really love cute funky products and fashion and convenience and you have a busy full life and making purposeful changes takes time and energy  and that sometimes is just hard to come by.

However, we continued to slowly change our spending habits, thinking before purchasing, seeking to know the story and impact behind the products that we bought, and striving to see that our money and our purchases had a positive impact.  But it was hard!  There were a lot of companies out there doing good work and creating beautiful products but they were hard to find or hard to order from.  The ease and convenience of traditional shopping was always luring me back.  It was clear to me that there was a need to make this type of shopping more convenient and easy.  But It wasn’t as clear that maybe we could do something about it.  Believing that we could  “why don’t we be part of the change we want to see in the world? “(Thanks for the inspiration Ganhdi, what a brilliant idea!) And now here we are. Dreaming big. Trusting God. And trying something new. Wanting to love and support our brothers and sisters who are doing good, beautifully work by sharing their products with the world or at least our friends and family :0

So welcome to Bought.Beautifully!  We are so glad you are here. And we cannot wait to share all the truly beautiful that we find with you.



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